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“As the parent of an aspiring animator, I struggled to find resources for my teen to learn about stop-motion animation. Locally, there was no one in our rural Nebraska town that could instruct him. He was ecstatic to find other like-minded kids as well as to get instruction from industry professionals.
I found the Calibraska teaching artists to be not only highly skilled, of course, but really passionate about working with kids - which takes the learning to a whole other level.
Without Calibraska, I don't think he would have continued his passion and considered it a real career opportunity.”

-Melanie O’Brien
Parent of Calibraska Student - North Platte, Nebraska


Fulfilling our mission to break down barriers for rural, low-income, or marginalized communities so they gain access to technology, professionals, and education in the creative industries is an ambitious and important effort and we can't do it alone!

Our exclusive donors make it possible for us to do dedicate efforts to the services we provide, extend our reach to more rural and marginalized communities. It allows us to build teams of teaching artists, interns, partners, coordinators and administrators to keep the Calibraska Arts Initiative pushing the boundaries of what is possible in bringing high-quality, inclusive educational opportunities and community building for so many in need.

The Calibraska Arts Initiative is an initiative of the IRS designated 501c(3) organization Arts with Others. All donations are tax deductible via our EIN Number. All donations are followed by a receipt containing the deductible information for your tax records.



Specially acknowledged giving inspired on the levels of support needed in the creative industries (and beyond). All of our exclusive donors are recognized on our marketing materials, social media, and newsletters the year they give. Add a "super" onto your level if you are donating an amount between levels (i.e. giving $2,000 makes you a "Super Mentor")

  • Ally - $300

  • Advocate - $500

  • Mentor - $1000

  • Sponsor - $5000

  • Patron - $10,000 and up

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