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We aim to support individuals living in rural or disadvantaged communities of any age in recognizing their value and to pursue their creative 'truth' however it may look.

The Calibraska Arts Initiative, part of the non-profit Arts with Others, is focused on supporting creativity in communities where access to technology, cultural institutions, professional mentorship and resources to the pursuit of a creative career or livelihood is limited.

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We strive to provide inclusive and unique programming and offerings to a wide range of ages and areas of the arts including Animation, Film, Acting, Writing, Media Development & History, and more.


Each program is administered by hand picked and vetted professionals in the film & entertainment industry, college faculty, and teaching artists primarily from the west coast who we then individually collaborate with to best serve each demographic of our students/interns. Our diverse team of teaching artists bring an incredible amount of talent, knowledge and experience to our programs. 


We primarily offer 2 summer art programs; 1 in person or hybrid and 1 entirely online. Our in person / hybrid program includes the “Nebraska Tour”. The tour is in collaboration with a variety of partners across Nebraska to fly out and house Los Angeles or Coast based professionals to provide in person or hybrid workshops, camps, and classes. This also involves lots of fun exposure experiences for the visiting artists including tours of local monuments, museums, county fairs, hikes, sports events, festivals and more! We work with local parents, students, art teachers and school districts to determine what arts areas may be lacking in each location or interests we can support with our offerings. Then we “match” each site with a team of teaching artists we feel will be the best fit.


In addition to the tour, we also provide online classes, workshops, Q&A’s and series of lectures for those in and outside of Nebraska.  We strive to provide our programs to a wide range of ages and areas of the arts. This has included Animation, Film, Acting, Writing, Media Development, and more. Each offering is taught by professionals in the industry, college faculty, and teaching artists we individually collaborate with to best serve our demographic. 


In addition to our educational programs we also offer internships for pay/credit to young people in Nebraska, California, and beyond to get a one to one interaction with our professional creatives. Our teaching artists are tasked with making themselves available to their interns to offer advice, insight and guidance in pursuing a creative career or livelihood. 


To further support our students in pursuing a college program in the creative fields of their choice we have developed the Creative College Prep Course to give customized advice and guidance in applying to college. The course is designed so students can have one on one sessions with our advisors as well as group sessions with the other participants to help build a community of support while on the major endeavor of defining a creative future. 


“I love that Calibraska has L.A. film industry professionals teaching at Nebraska prices!” 


—Calibraska Parent


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