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Trevor Knapp Jones

Trevor Knapp Jones (pronounced like "nap") is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, California.
Graduating from Calarts in 2012, he has done work for studios across the animation spectrum Including: Laika, jibjab, Hallmark, Starburns, Shadowmachine, etc. He currently works as the Lead designer on Disney’s Direct to Consumer Animation Team.
When not at work he runs an online community of cg enthusiasts via Where he issues out monthly design challenges to its community. 
Simple Cg reel


I liked how friendly everyone is, and how things were taught.
-2020 Modeling in Maya Student
I liked how we got to work on skills that I didn't have the chance to learn at my Maya classes in school
-2020 Modeling in Maya Student
I like how my teacher was easily able to show us what we have to do and where to find things.
-2020 Modeling in Maya Student

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