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Vanessa Sweet

Best known as “Vee”, Vanessa Sweet is a multi-discipline animator and teaching-artist. Born and raised in Moosic, Pa, she and her husband, Nic, moved to his home state of Alaska in 2012. After the birth of her eldest daughter in 2013 she founded Sleeping Fox Studio, where she has created children’s book illustrations, music videos and animations for various clients such as Fandango, Hallmark,“General Hospital” and more.
In recent years Vanessa has begun highlighting global issues in her personal work. She was awarded a 2017 Rasmuson Individual Artist Award to complete her 2D animated short “Wild Woman”. “Wild Woman” has since gone on to be screened in 30 + festivals across 8 countries, winning awards for “Best Animated Short”. Utilizing tra-digital media, she bridges traditional mediums with digital software and techniques.
She currently resides in Rochester, New York where she teaches 2d animation as an Assistant Professor at The Rochester Institute of Technology. Vee is in the early stages of her next film, planning storyboards and designs for a sentimental story teaching children to act as the custodians of the earth.