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Documentary Photography

10 spots

Ages: 13-18yrs

Dates: 6/26-6/29

Days: M, TU, TH, F

Times: 2-3:30 PT / 3-4:30 MT / 4-5:30p CT


Early Tuition: $100

Regular Tuition: $125


Location: Online via Zoom


Teaching Artist: 

Lluiva Higuera (Head of Photography - Oakwood Secondary School, Professional Freelance Photographer, LACMA, ArtWorxLA, BFA Art Center College of Design)


Class Description:

How would you photograph your world to show others now and in the future about your life today?


Documentary photography has been vital to learning about our history as a people by allowing us to see how life has changed and evolved, or it might show connections we may still have in common. In this fun and reflective class, students will apply a fresh lens to the world around them!


Students will look at work from great photographers throughout time documenting daily life in interesting and honest ways. Students will discuss and learn about photography concepts and techniques to capture more than just a pretty image. They will learn to create a mood, feeling, or expression of their creativity.


This class is designed for students to use cameras/tech that is available to them. This is a cross-country class, so students will connect and see the lives of others within or outside of their home state. No photography experience is necessary, but an interest in studying the world around you is required!


Class Materials/Needs:

> Camera, mobile device, tablet, etc. for taking photographs
> Access to Zoom and a reliable device to participate in the class
> Optional Items that are helpful but not necessary: Tripod for stabilizing camera/device, desk lights, flash light, or lighting options (i.e. white foam core for a bounce board, etc)

Documentary Photography

  • We must have a profile for all of our students before they are enrolled in the class. You only have to do this one time!

    Fill out a new student profile here


    >We will reach out the week before class if not sooner with zoom information if you are taking the class online or any further information regarding the class and getting you access to it.

    >We will also share any information pertaining to the class to get you all ready to go! 

    In the meantime… 

    Please reach out with any questions or for more information at or (ne)308.631.5704 / (ca)661.670.8663

    **Any changes you may need to make to this student's profile you can email to us too**

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