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This is a special course designed to give Nebraskans interested in pursuing a career in the creative arts one on one guidance as well as access to a supportive community of like minded folx.

In this extended offering, students will work directly with our founding director, Erica Larsen-Dockray to get individualized support in applying for arts programs. Erica has developed an organizational and support system with past students who were then accepted into programs at CalArts, the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts, Otis College, Pasadena College of the Arts, UCLA and more.

This course will support students in their college application processes including:

> Guidance on program searches and possibilities
> Developing a body of work to build a portfolio or other visual application requirements that best represent each individual’s voice and creative expression.
> Support in written application requirements such as artist statements, essays, etc.
> Bring in guests and recruiters from their various schools or similar for further support
> Organizing application requirements, timelines, materials, and work samples

APRIL 18-22 --> Notifications of acceptance 
APRIL 30 --> Our First Meeting 1:30-4:30p MST / 2:30-5:30p CST*
DECEMBER 17 --> Final Meeting*

*Meeting days may shift for the group since we understand schedules change too and best days for the group meetings may need to be adjusted. All meetings will be online

To qualify for this course you must: 
1. Live in Nebraska
2. A High School Junior (2021-2022) or you plan to apply for college in 2023
3. Have access to the Internet
4. Have access to Zoom

NOTE: Special consideration will be given to existing Calibraska students but any Nebraskan who is currently in their Junior year of High school or planning to apply for college in 2023 is welcome to apply!

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at or call us at 308.631.5704

Students need to apply by April 15th 2022 to be considered to enter.
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