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Our founding director Erica Larsen-Dockray has over 20 years of experience teaching both in Nebraska and California and even in Jakarta, Indonesia!
Over the years she has taught and mentored hundreds of students of all ages and backgrounds and worked alongside a wide spectrum of amazing teaching artists. Through Calibraska, she has built a network of new and old friends and students forming new kindred relationships between creative minds. Many of her students return to work with her through Calibraska and some go on to pursue their own careers and higher learning in the creative industries.
"There are few things in this world that beat seeing a former student or fellow teaching artist excel on their own creative path. One thing that does is playing a role in their rise and being able to contribute my privilege, work and  resources to help prop them up. There really isn't anything more awesome and affirming of my work than having lasting relationships with my students and co-workers and seeing the connections they get to make with each other. People are awesome and I feel there is no better resource than the people who believe in you."
~Erica Larsen-Dockray - Founding Director of the Calibraska Arts Initiative

Aaron Holmes

Aaron first participated in Calibraska in 2016 in Lincoln, NE where he is originally from. In 2017 Aaron worked one on one with Calibraska founder and director, Erica Larsen-Dockray to build a portfolio and application for Graduate programs focusing in stop motion animation. It

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