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TITLE : 4-H Animation 1.0 Workshop (Staff / Leaders / Volunteers)
DAYS: Tuesday May 4th and Thursday May 6th
TIME: 4-6pm CST
INSTRUCTOR: Erica Larsen-Dockray  - Calibraska Arts Initiative Director and Teaching Artist
Join in a specially designed workshop for adults working with youth who are interested in learning animation for their own projects or just for fun! We will cover the basics of how to bring something to life through animation by talking about different principles, concepts, processes of animation. We will explore each of these through different animation techniques including paper, clay and registrationless animation. 
This is a very playful class so be prepared to tap into your inner-child! 
> Small amount of clay (like two golf balls worth)
> Colorful paper 
> Black Large paper for background
> Masking Tape
> Copy Paper / Sketchbook
> Pencils, Colored Pencil, Inking pen/sharpie Marker
> Stop Motion Studio Pro (4.99-9.99) for a laptop/tablet/phone - Available at 
If you have a laptop you can run the program on you can also use your apple phone/tablet as a connected camera by using their “remote camera app” found here:
> Students will need to set up a DIY  “downshooter” system which can be done a variety of ways (stacks of books / cardboard box / etc). Check out this page to see some different ways folks do it:
If you feel like you want to make a small investment in one for your office or teaching abilities we recommend this setup: 
An extension Arm that can be clamped to any table/surface:
With an added tripod adapter for your phone or tablet whichever you plan to use. Here is an example of one we like for a phone: 
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