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The Calibraska Summer Program is like none other and creates very special experiences for the students, the teaching artists, and interns!
The Calibraska Arts Initiative is a summer-based teaching artist residency focused on connecting Nebraskans to Industry professionals largely based in the Los Angeles area.
We are focused on reaching rural and/or disadvantaged communities where access to technology, cultural institutions, professional mentorship and resources to the creative industries is limited. 
Calibraska Arts Initiative Director, Erica Larsen-Dockray, leans on her connections from her Alma mater, CalArts as well as her extensive experience as an animation teaching artist in Los Angeles to put together a stellar line-up of instructors each year, many of whom are college faculty, working at the big production studios, and award winning artists and producers.      

Click here for a downloadable Information Sheet to share


Our 2023 summer educational program runs June through July and includes;  Animation, Creative Writing, Photography, Acting, Music Video Camps and FREE virtual workshops with Nickelodeon Animation!

Benefits of the position include networking with industry professionals, receiving direct mentorship and working relations with our teaching artists who are professionals in the Los Angeles Creative industries.

We have TWO different internship tracks: Interning with us exclusively online and interning with us in-person on the Nebraska Tour.


For summer 2023, we are looking for up to 10 strong candidates (5 in-person and 5 online) to assist our teaching artists as well as support the back-end of the program administration and outreach.


Interviews of applicants will be coordinated as applications are received and final decisions made by MAY 21st.


We have TWO different tracks for interns to apply for:
1) Interning with us exclusively online
2) Interning with us In-Person on the Nebraska Tour



We are looking for candidates to assist our potential 5 online courses* (5 potential candidates), this may take shape as one person for each class or a combination of classes. Priority is given to candidates who can commit to more than one class. Please visit our online class section to see what and when our virtual classes are taking place:


*Courses are dependent on reaching a minimum number of students to run so offerings may differ based on sign-ups.





This summer we are bringing out 3 different teaching artists to run camps and classes in person across the state of Nebraska! In-person internships are as follows:

> 1-2 positions in Lincoln, NE June 11-June 23 at the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts

> 1 position in Scottsbluff, NE July 10-14th at Scottsbluff Senior High School

> 2 positions in North Platte, NE July 17-21st at Mid Plains Community College South Campus

Our in person opportunities are primarily Monday-Fridays 9a-5p with additional time for load in and load out on the weekends before and/or after our residency. Our in-person interns main role is to assist the teaching artist as well as documenting the classes and working with the director on additional items needed from the class.

Internship Description


Basic Qualifications

To apply for this internship you must:

1.  Be 18 years old or older

2.  Have access to the internet

3.  Have access to Zoom

4. In-person internships require interns to be able to coordinate their own housing and travel to and from the classes they are assisting.

5. Commitment to our Core Values: See below


Please note: We give priority to college level students pursuing a degree in the creative arts and or individuals pursuing a career in the creative industry. For in-person interns, we prioritize hiring individuals who are from the communities we are serving.

Time and Pay

Hours/Week: 4-20 hours depending on assignment and scheduling

Dates: June 1 through August 15, 2023 depending on assignment and scheduling

Total Pay: $14/hr or Course Credit if applicable



Assisting Teaching Artists Delivering classes on Zoom including :

  • Tracking the chat and participant income/questions/etc.

  • Aiding the Teaching Artist with links to discussion topics

  • Being available during the class and observing the class to foresee and support any potential needs the teaching artist may have next (i.e. not on your phone/device or surfing the web)

  • Optional meetings with the Teaching artist outside of class to better coordinate the classroom experience


Assisting Teaching Artists Delivering classes in-person including :

  • Helping with setting up the classroom before it starts

  • Helping break down the classroom after it concludes (if applicable)

  • Aiding the Teaching Artist with their lectures

  • Keeping class materials and supplies organized for the teaching artist

  • Optional meetings with the Teaching artist outside of class to better coordinate the classroom experience

  • Any additional support efforts the teaching artist requests to help them teach more efficiently. 

  • Managing and organizing any files and/or media generated in the class/camp

  • Helping with any equipment set-up or maintenance throughout the class/camp

  • Being available during the class (i.e. not on your phone/device) and observing the class to foresee and support any potential needs the teaching artist may have next

  • Capturing photos and videos documenting the class experience and sharing them with the director and the public relations team​


> Administration duties including:

  • Scheduling

  • Assisting with meetings (when applicable)

  • Assisting with communications

  • Google Calendar Entry

  • Google Document organization

  • Google Sheet Entry

  • Creating and designing visual data in google sheets/documents for reports


>Assisting in Social Media and Marketing Campaigning including:

  • Generating Post Copy and potential scheduling efforts

  • Graphic Generation (based on intern skill set)

  • Helpful but not required: Creation of gif animation to be used on social media and other outreach efforts


>Assisting in Class Culmination Activities/Media

  • Creating Outreach graphics/flyers

  • Recording Online Performances

  • Organizing Program/Class Media

  • Editing Culmination Videos (based on intern skill set)

  • Organizing/Displaying Documentation of Class Experiences

  • Helpful but not required: Motion Graphic generation for branding treatments on videos and other medias

Skills Needed
  • Experience using Google Drive, Documents, and Sheets

  • Experience using the Zoom platform

  • Basic to advanced Image editing software experience using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or comparable software

  • Basic to advanced Video editing software experience using Adobe Premiere or comparable software

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent time management skills including the self discipline for working independently and without direct supervision

  • Must be mature and professional and reflect the high standards of the Calibraska Arts Initiative

Requirement for duration of Employment
  • Applicants must have access to a reliable internet connection

  • Applicants must have access to a reliable computer or mobile device capable of fulfilling these duties

  • Applicants for In-person track need to coordinate their own transportation to and from work as well as housing

Commitment to Our Core Values
Arts with Others and its Calibraska Arts Initiative strive to create inclusive and equitable learning and working environments.
Our interns have an active role in the experience of our staff, students, and partners and it is extremely important they not only know and understand our core values but uphold them in their position with us.
Below is our Core Values we need all of our interns to be in alignment with:
1. Building Community and Connection beyond barriers
2. Support and Advocate for Creativity and the Arts in Day to Day and Professional Life
3. Challenge and/or Eliminate Barriers keeping people from stepping into their creative truths
4. Validating Representation through Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Belonging
5. We believe Arts and Creativity are Transformative, Healing, Connective, and Fundamental to our Humanness
6. Provide unique, responsive, inclusive, equitable, collaborative, and caring arts education and opportunities
7. Creativity and Ingenuity is baked into all we do: our operations, engagements, and outreach
8. Savvy navigation of various arenas of business, arts, education, technology, networking, economy, etc. and challenging their separations and 'silos'



Interviews of applicants will be coordinated as applications are received and final decisions will be made by May 21.
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