Your Life As... Using Creative Writing and Media Design to Recreate Your World

Taught by Jennifer Fischer (Film Producer, MA Harvard, Co-Founder-Think Ten Media)- take a look at Jennifer's bio.


Location: Online via Zoom


Maximum Spots: 12 spots



- Early: $100.00

- Normal: $125.00

- Late: $150.00


Student age: 10 - 13


Class dates:

- Monday 27 June

- Tuesday 28 June

- Wednesday 29 June

- Thursday 30 June

- Friday 1 July 


Class time: 1-2:30p PT / 2-3:30p MT / 3-4:30 CT



In this class, students will use creative writing prompts and fun artistic activities to explore their own lives and reimagine and reframe their lives: as sci-fi films, superhero movies, comic strips, poems, a video game and more.


The class will follow the interest of the students, so activities may vary from this list, but will likely include: short writing prompts, creating a storyboard, making a playlist/soundtrack for the movie of their life, character descriptions and/or drawings, creating a video game outline and/or sketches of a video game, creating a movie poster, etc.


Class Materials:

- Lined paper, pen and pencils for writing

- Chomebook or computer for writing (optional: art program on the computer that students are already familiar with and might want to utilize for various activities)

- Sketchbook or drawing paper and drawing utensils

- Art supplies that reflect the type of art the students enjoy making