The History of Music Video 4 of 4: Youtube Music Videos and the Medium's Future

Taught by Tommy Sowards (Veteran LA Producer, Documentarian, Actor) - take a look at Tommy's bio.


Location: Online via Zoom


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Student age: 14+


Class dates:

- Thursday 28 July


Class time: 5-6:30p PST / 6-7:30 MST / 7-8:30 CST



After music videos lost MTV as a platform, they crossed over to the internet, and YOUTUBE became “their” new home. Pop stars gathered more fans and artists released new music on YOUTUBE, with much larger audiences than MTV could ever provide. When a video or song dropped, it was for the whole planet. (World Wide!)


This was a new way of consuming. Viewers didn’t have to wait for network rotation anymore, they could pick what to watch, when to watch, and how many times to watch it. They could even rate the videos and comment like a Hollywood critic. Even viewers could upload material and create their own followings too! YOUTUBE became the “new wild west”.


SLATED SPECIAL GUEST: Joseph Uliano (Executive Producer and