Special Topics: Effects Animation (Session 1)

** NOTE: This class has changed from in-person to online only

CLASS TITLE: Special Topics: Effects Animation (S1)
AGES: 6+
MIN-MAX#: 7-12 in person , 0-5 online
CLASS TIME: 12-2p MST / 1-3p CST
CLASS DATES: 6/21-6/25
COST: Early Registration $80 - Regular Registration $100
LOCATION: Online via Zoom
INSTRUCTOR: Zekkeraya El-margharbel


CLASS DESCRIPTION:Create stunning and mesmerizing special effects with this course on elemental effect animation. We will animate different effects like explosions, smoke, water, and more!


The course will be taught primarily using 2-D hand drawn techniques and easily apply to other animation techniques! 


Students will have the tools to create any effect that they’ll need for their animated films by the end of the course. All are welcome!


> Stop Motion Studio Pro (4.99-9.99) for a tablet/phone - Available at www.cateater.com

> Three Ring Binder

> Three Hole Punch

> Paper

> Drawing/Painting Supplies

> (Optional) 3 hole punch peg bar like these: https://www.lightfootltd.com/content/round-pegbar-plastic

Special Topics: Effects Animation (Session 1)