Animation Games

CLASS TITLE: Animation Games
AGES: 7yrs+
MIN-MAX#: 7-15
CLASS TIME: 12-1:30p MST
CLASS DATES: 7/19-7/30
COST: Early Registration $60 - Regular Registration $75
LOCATION: Online via Zoom
INSTRUCTOR: Aaron Holmes
We can create together, even from a distance! This workshop is all about experimenting with animation drawn by many hands. It’s the perfect course for animating together while staying home.

Through a series of fun, weird, and funny animation games, we’ll create animated boils, loops and full motion sequences in small teams or as a whole group.


We will embrace the unexpected results that come from multiple peoplecollaborating on the same animation! Ideas we’ll explore include how animation is broken into parts by large animation studios (and how our process is a little different than that), drawing over existing footage (rotoscoping), and making a drawing based on two other peoples’ drawings.


All ages (from 5 to 17) are welcome! Be prepared to have fun and be surprised  by the animations we create together!

> Drawing tools (pencils, pens, or anything you like to draw with)
> Any paper you enjoy drawing on (recommendation: blank index cards, 3x5 or 4x6)
> A camera or a device with a camera to photograph your drawings (This needs to be a
different device than the one you’ll be using to join the Zoom classroom)

Animation Games