Animation 2.0 - Character Animation

CLASS TITLE: Animation 2.0 - Character Animation
AGES: 10yrs+
MIN-MAX#: 7-30
CLASS DATES: 76/28-7/15
COST: Early Registration $120 - Regular Registration $150
LOCATION: Online via Zoom
INSTRUCTOR: Ingo Raschka
What goes into making a cartoon? What does the animation process look like when working with a character?


Building on what you learned in Animation 1.0, we will focus on working with characters!


To better understand how to design and build them we will look at computer graphics, discuss the relationships between drawing, writing, showing, telling, reading, and listening as well as cover theories of motion to better understand how the motion of the world relates to the motion we create on screen.


We will practice animation exercises where all of these elements come together through our characters' acting, posing, movement, and more!


Concepts in this class apply to any animation technique so students are able to utilize animation software they already know or they can use the downshooter process on paper along with the instructor.


NOTE: This class as a pre-requirement of Animation 1.0. Only students who have taken Animation 1.0 are allowed to take this class.


> Computer or mobile Device with Stop Motion Studio Pro (4.99-9.99) - Available at

>Your favorite art supplies

> Pencil

> Paper

> Three hole puncher

> Three Hole Binder

> Scissors

> Tape (both masking and scotch)

> Various Materials - colorful objects, markers, paints



> Flatbed Scanner

> Computer mouse/tablet

> 3 hole punch peg bar like these:

Animation 2.0 - Character Animation

$150.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
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