Animation 2.0 - Animating with Music and Sound (Lincoln, NE)

CLASS TITLE: Animation 2.0 - Animating with Music and Sound (S1)
AGES: 6+
MIN-MAX#: 7-12 in person , 0-5 online
CLASS TIME: 12-2p MST / 1-3pm CST
CLASS DATES: 6/7-6/11
COST: Early Registration $80 - Regular Registration $100
Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts
1300 Q St, Lincoln, NE 68508
INSTRUCTOR: Zekkeraya El-margharbel
Jump right into the world of “visual music” with this course on audio-visual
filmmaking! Students will explore simple techniques to create convincing and
captivating interplay between their animated films and the music and sound they
choose to explore.

Students will be able to create audiovisual masterpieces using any and all of the
tools at their disposal by the end of this course.


> Stop Motion Studio Pro (4.99-9.99) for a tablet/phone - Available at

> Three Ring Binder

> Three Hole Punch

> Paper

> Drawing/Painting Supplies

> (Optional) 3 hole punch peg bar like these:

Animation 2.0 - Animating with Music and Sound (Lincoln, NE)

$100.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price
In-person / Online?
In Case we can't come to Nebraska
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