Adventures in Writing and Animation in the Woods

Taught by Erica Larsen-Dockary and Jesse Bliss take a look at Jesse's bio and Erica's bio.


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Nebraska State 4-H Camp

83222 4-H Camp Road

Halsey, NE 69142


Maximum Spots: 50


Registration: $480.00


Student age: 8 - 14


Class dates:

- Monday 11 July

- Tuesday 12 July

- Wednesday 13 July

- Thursday 14 July

- Friday 15 July


Class time: All day CST



Get ready to take art into the wilds! We have two Calibraska Arts Initiative teaching artists from Los Angeles on the ground to take an adventurous journey into the woods to inspire a fresh take on animation and writing.


We will tap into the elements, nature, and our senses to create totally unique experiences using animation and written word to light up the woods at night with projection, sound, and lots of wonder!


Class Materials:



Adventures in Writing and Animation in the Woods